Electronic Identity Electronic Identity
ServiceDescriptionHow to obtain
Electronic identity for employees

Each new employee gets a user name and password, this identity is used to access all electronic services, including e-mail and Employee portal

  • To get the password for the first time:
  • contact of the Helpdesk office
  • To change it:
  • Employee portal - Change Password
  • To get a new password in the event of loss:

contact of the Helpdesk office

Electronic identity for students

Each student accepted at the university gets a user name, which is his university number, and a password, this Identity is used to access the Student portal.

The student can determine another two passwords after logging into the student portal:

  • A password for the e-mail (created after filling his name in English)

A password for logging into the university labs and wireless services

  • ​A single password is given to the student at his admission to the university - the password for student portal
  • In the event of password loss, contact the Helpdesk office to get a new one with a proof of identity
  • To change the password used to log into labs and wireless services:
  •  through student services