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Website Service
The official website of the Jordan University of Science and Technology where the internal and external community can communicate with the university. The website presents information and news for the university, staff and students.

Electronic Services Portal For Employees

A Group of Electronic Systems for  the university  staff, which gives them a smooth working environment with high tech functionality

  • Through the hyperlink:
  • Website: Employee portal

Electronic Services Portal For Students

includes electronic systems for the university students, which organizes and facilitates the academic and administrative procedures for the student

Award nomination for Distinguished Employee Form

Managers can evaluate staff members and nominate them for the distinguished employee award

Training system in the Faculty of Engineering

A workflow procedures from the training request until delivering the final report

Electronic Job Forms

Follow-up procedures for e-employment applications related to faculty and staff job vacancies.

The human resources unit add announcement for a job in the University web site containing a link for the job form requirements. The applicant of the job needs to create an account to fill the form

Website Contact Persons

Persons who are granted permissions to modify the contents of the web pages for colleges and administrative units and centers

​To add/modify a contact person:

  • An official letter to CIC
Academic Staff Personal Website Hosting

Allows the academic staff to host their personal website on JUST web servers

​To add a personal website:

  • An official letter to CIC
New electronic system or website

Developing a new electronic system or website

​To request a new electronic system or website:

  • An official letter to CIC
Change Official Email Password

from this portal, you can log in and change your official Department email password.​

from the following link:​​​​